According to foreign media reports, Apple plans to launch network TV services in this fall’s conference. The service will be bundled mainly from ABC, 25 channels such as CBC and FOX television, may also include such as ESPN and FX.

Media quoted informed sources as saying that Apple this month service fee will be between 30-40 US dollars. Informed sources also said that Apple plans to announce in June this year, this new service, and officially released in September. These services will cover all equipped with the operating system iOS devices, including the iPhone, iPad tablet and Apple TV set-top boxes.

Apple is not involved in the negotiations have NBC network and cable channels such as USA and Bravo broadcast NBC Universal, because Comcast and NBC Universal’s parent company Apple differences. 2014 Apple and Comcast has conducted a preliminary talks to discuss the introduction of Apple’s set-top box to allow fluid to bypass the network congestion television service.

Meanwhile, Apple has with Disney, CBS and Twentieth Century Fox and other media companies on the negotiations in the hope to provide users with CBS, ESPN and premium channels such as FX, and reject the traditional cable packages bundled some of the smaller channels. Apple plans to offer such a slim version of TV services to attract not want to buy high-priced cable service, and likes to watch video on the Internet crowd.