The even more integrated smart phones become with our everyday life, the more we maintain files on them. We store everything, for example from photos, music and movies to docs, Ebooks, and variety of other data. It commonly appears to us it’s so essential and necessary to get a easy way to get files stored in my android os mobile transferred to my computer.


Plenty of people may choose Android file transfer. However, it just compatible Macintosh computer and it dose not succeeds well in most time. So how to transfer data from my Android phone to a Windows desktop? here you can try a finest Android file transfer for Windows – MobileTrans. This pro transfer tool allow you to transfer applications, contacts, tracks, clips and graphics from Android device to Windows laptop quickly and effortlessly. Even more, it could transfer data beteewn phones with only 1 click.

download win version

Tip: If you’re a Mac user, and found out the Android File Transfer (Mac) is back, it is possible to download the Android File Transfer (Mac) alternative here.


Following the easy tutorial you will get it completed very quickly.


1. Copy files from Android device to laptop or computer

Connect your smartphone to laptop or computer and go to “Back up Your Phone” mode in the homepage, there is a list of contents including Contacts, Text Messages, music, photos, apps in the middle of the screen, just mark the items that you want copy to your computer and then click “Start Copy”.


2. Transfer data files from computer to Android device

Connect your Android phone to computer and go to the main screen and click on “Restore from Backups “. Choose a backup file format in the drop down list. mark the items you want copy from pc to smartphone then click “Start Copy’. (You can not only restore backups created by Mobiletrans, but also the backups made by other programs, which includes iTunes, New and BlackBerry and Desktop Suite. )


3. Transfer data files from phone to phone

Attach any 2 handsets to laptop or computer vis USB cables and go to homepage, select “Phone to Phone Transfer” mode, select data you want to copy, then simply click “Start Copy” to send data from sources phone to destination phone, when they’re in the wrong location, click “Flip” to switch thire position before press “Start copy” button.