Sony has officially announced that will begin in the European market Xperia X series new booking, and publish the price and delivery time. Among them, the Sony Xperia X will be listed on the end of may, while the Xperia XA is on sale at the end of June, as for the flagship model, Sony Xperia X the Performance time is in early July, the launch and the price of mobile phones as much as 699 euros.

According to overseas blog website Xperiablog, Sony mobile has officially announced in the European market began to Xperia X series of booking, and published in the official store of the price and delivery time. Among them, the Sony Xperia X will be the first listed in the end of may, the specific time around May 23; While Sony Xperia XA will be on June 20, as to flagship model Sony Xperia X Performance until the beginning of July will be meeting with all of you, this means that like this user to experience the long wait for two months.

As for the price of attention, Sony Xperia X in the UK market price of 469 pounds; In France, Germany and the Netherlands market price is 599 euros, with huawei P9 price is quite; And the price of the machine in Italy and Spain market is up to 629 euros.

As to more attention of Sony’s flagship model Xperia X Performance is not on sale in Britain and Germany market, but the user can in France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Sweden’s Sony official store to buy the machine. Among them, the French and Dutch official store gives Xperia X Performance is priced at 699 euros, same as the price of the samsung Galaxy S7; While in Italy and Spain’s cost up to 729 euros.

As for low-end market oriented Sony Xperia XA price also slightly different in different European countries, including France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands price is 299 euro, and pricing of 329 euros in Spain. In addition, in Sweden and the UK market, the price of this machine is and ideal to markets such as France and Germany.