Recently, the router WeChat hardware platform combined Xiaomi, introduced a new way of WiFi connection and sharing, WiFi WeChat close friends. WeChat friends WiFi based on WeChat social relationship, as long as the master and surveyed the router are friends, can you don’t have to enter the password to use WiFi network.

Used to relatives and friends to play in the home, the host needs to inform everyone WiFi password, if visitors in the mobile phone is equipped with some kind of WiFi sharing software, may lead to home wi-fi theft by a stranger without permission. WeChat friends WiFi function, by setting the visitors to the independent network, with a good friend is a WeChat relationship of visitors can direct authentication on the Internet, not after WeChat friends must be authorized by connected to the Internet.

Enable the way simply step 3:
1, let relatives to open mobile phone wi-fi Settings interface, choose your Xiaomi routing wi-fi;
2, click will automatically appear wi-fi WeChat friends welcome page, click on the “WeChat friends a key Internet”;
3, to stay WeChat verification is successful, can pass the wi-fi Internet access

At the same time, cooperate with Xiaomi router WiFi anti-theft function, when unknown device stolen network for many times, Xiaomi router will take the initiative to hint, can be a key to pull into the blacklist, permanent refused to steal network behavior.

It is understood that the current WeChat friends WiFi router supports only Xiaomi hard disk version of the mini and Xiaomi, Xiaomi, router router youth version, but the future will be more router brand will also join them.