As early as in 2012, samsung Galaxy S III USES the Japanese version 2 gb of memory, the mobile phone industry has caused quite a stir at the time, because the American version of the phone is in use 1 gb of memory, it was also belong to the standard configuration. Just four years, android phones running has entered the age of 6 gb memory. Samsung certainly not miss this opportunity, the company released the latest high-end mobile phone memory chips. Held in shenzhen recently, samsung mobile solutions on the BBS, samsung, shows the new 10 nanometers LPDDR4 6 gb of memory chips. The chip will be less electricity, help to extend the battery life of smartphones.

If the contents of the rumors true, samsung Galaxy Note 6 levels of performance will have a monster, it has a 5.8 -inch super AMOLED screen resolution 1440 x 2560 standard of QHD, built-in 4000 milliampere batteries. From past experience, the company usually apply the latest hardware and software to the Galaxy Note series on mobile phones, make this series of mobile phone performance ahead of the Galaxy S series, so will the new 10 nm LPDDR4 6 gb of memory to the Galaxy Note 6 is a comparison of speculation.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has been released in August last year, if Note 6 also released during this time, this will give the players sufficient time to do all kinds of speculation and waiting.