Motorola and Moto Z released Mods modular parts projects at the same time, and now includes JBL stereo speakers, external power supply, and even the projector. But for now, although these parts all look good, however, it seems, are still missing an essential categories, that is additional lens.

Based on earlier rumors, Moto Z module of Mods photographs by Sweden’s famous hasselblad photographic equipment manufacturers, and in June has revealed a so-called hasselblad Mods accessories photos. And now have a set of new design was exposed, we saw the camera accessories from the design a hasselblad classical shifter lever zoom control operation mode.

It is reported, this camera module will support 10 x optical zoom and xenon flash, as well as a variety of control functions. It also comes with a hasselblad build special shutter button, the yellow part is the shutter, and also provides around the shutter dial rod, which can be used to control the zoom, for precise control.

At least from the design point of view, this is very good camera module, and as one of the most important module in the future, Moto Z for photographing result how, also get your answer.