According to the website of GsmArena reported that huawei has issued the invitation letter to determine on IFA2016 exhibition the day before, on September 1, which is held in Berlin (Germany), local time product launches. Although it wasn’t immediately clear specific models, but is likely to be officially launched an upgraded version of huawei Mate 8 huawei Mate 9.

Although huawei in September last year, huawei’s Mate S, while huawei Mate 8 debut in November, from the time seems to be the conference should be the leading role of huawei Mate S2. According to GsmArena speculation, however, huawei may like samsung will release ahead of time, so that huawei Mate 9 on the iPhone 7 listed before become a hot market.

It is worth looking forward to, we will also usher in a new generation of huawei kirin 960 processor. According to the insiders revealed that, compared with other manufacturers of processors will be used 10 nm process technology, huawei kirin 960 processor is go steady course, still is 16 nm process, but in terms of core architecture upgraded to Artemis (ARM the next generation of high performance core) + A53 combination, GPU part will be upgraded to eight core at the same time, the increase in performance is significant.

Huawei kirin 960 at the same time also will be improved in the past some of the deficiencies, such as the integration of LTE the 12 baseband and support CDMA network, is expected to be huawei’s first full netcom SOC. And this is not only have the advantages of faster speed, and more comprehensive network compatible ability, but also solves the problems of the past plugins baseband power-hungry, able to Mate 9 of huawei to provide better support.

As for huawei Mate 9 other specifications, configuration, at present the information is not much. But, according to the personage inside course of study in the past to disclose the new huawei Mate 9 dual cameras will carry 20 million pixels. Although the authenticity of the message has not been confirmed, but huawei mobile terminal product line, he said in an interview, huawei and leica is a long-term cooperation, huawei P9 / P9 Plus is the first time two crystallization, and in the future there will be, but only huawei high-end flagship machine. So, unsurprisingly, huawei Mate 9 does may be equipped with dual cameras, and the same loading lycra technology.

In addition, the Dutch media also revealed some time ago, huawei is developing the new EMUI5.0 system, allegedly will be compared with the former generation system has a huge change. New features include a more complex and advanced menus, navigation, timeline module continues to strengthen. Because of the source of the news story from huawei internal engineers, and has the potential to release in the third quarter, so should be with huawei is widely seen as Mate 9 during the IFA show together.