VR is now very popular field, in the just concluded I/O conference, Google finally, also introduced a Daydream VR platform, and after that, the company also announced in time to join the Daydream VR platform, at the same time integrate kirin and qualcomm processor, and plans to launch at the end of 2016 to support Daydream of mobile phone, wearing equipment and remote control.

Launch for high-performance VR platform of automatic equipment, Google hopes to through the Daydream to unity, a variety of VR and integrated VR into native Android. Based on VR rise, in the field of mobile device manufacturers or high-end VR equipment manufacturers, with Google’s platform support, they can benefit from it.

Of course, in addition to huawei, cooperation with Google and samsung, LG, HTC, millet, asus and alcatel, while huawei’s commitment in this autumn can see to the cooperation with Google translate to the VR devices, applications and content products. While considering the Daydream platform development kit and reference the equipment ready to manufacturers, so we should soon will be able to see the product support to Daydream.