Huawei’s Mate seven success is beyond doubt, its degree of sell like hot cakes and even beyond all expectations, in comparison to Mate S flange is not successful, is to make people more care about the orthodox sequel Mate of 8. Appear in GFXBench a model for the NXT — AL10 Huawei mysterious models. After the query, the equipment could be Huawei Mate 8 is going to release.

From GFXBench information as you can see, the machine USES the 1080 p display, 6 inches and 2.2 GHz kirin carrying 950 processors, the GPU part for Mali – T880. Run for 4 gb of memory, fuselage with 64 gb storage space. Rear camera is equipped with 16 million pixels, and a 8 million megapixel front-facing camera. Built-in Android 6.0 system. If this true, Huawei Mate8 starting models will also be a kirin 950 processor.

Huawei terminals, according to official weibo release latest weibo its will on November 26, the official launch of a new generation of flagship Mate 8, and four separate next week for the starting of kirin 950 processor hold a technical advice. Especially big “8” from the posters, as well as the return of the “Mate”, can say the express Mate is almost 8 debut.