From Huawei released Ascend P7 has been in the past six months, think also should go to the series of new machines arises, and sure enough, a few days ago online streaming of a photograph is very likely that P8, according to this time, the phone is likely to be in on next year’s CES show was launched in January.

First alleged details around the upcoming Huawei Ascend P8 include a metal/ceramic body

Allegedly the back of the phone has entered the testing phase, the specific configuration of 5.2-inch 1080p screen. According to the map view is likely also recently fiery 2.5D screen. Core aspects is likely that 16-nanometer manufacturing process Hass unicorn 930 eight-core chip, taking into account the unicorn 928 already is a very powerful processor, more sophisticated 930 will give us more performance and more low power consumption.

As for the price, the adopted the P8 metal fuselage is likely to be higher than the previous P7, 2999 is likely to be one of the price.