Recently, China telecom in the “physical 4 G +” brand conference, apple will use Cat. 6 LTE. According to the telecommunications field, “physical 4 G +” will support LTE – A Cat. 6 carrier aggregation network, downward peak rate of up to 300 MBPS, twice as fast than the current 4 G speeds. They said there will be many cooperation manufacturers will launch more than 80 network is supported by the device, which apple is in the list.

Considering the apple after exposure of the next generation of mobile phone will use qualcomm “MDM9635M” chip, so iPhone 6s next-generation mobile phones using the Cat. 6 lte is more credible. MDM9635M chip released at the end of 2013, the first applied to the Samsung Galaxy S5 mobile phone, the highest download speed of up to 300 MBPS. iPhone 6 series mobile phone, by contrast, the highest download speed is 150 megabits per second. If the message is correct, MDM9635M chip will be able to significantly improve the iPhone 6s network speed, make its double from the current 150 MBPS direct to 300 MBPS.

Faster Internet speed, of course, means that the higher energy consumption, so the next iPhone may also have a larger battery capacity.