Apple in 2013, the patent application for a touch surface recently approved, it can let a touchpad or touch simulate
different textures and surface temperature.

According to the patent description, this technology will be in touch on the surface to join a “actuator”, in order to pass the vibration simulating different texture feels (the rough surface vibration intensity). In addition, the actuator can also according to the finger moves on the surface of respond, to simulate some unconventional texture, such as wood.

In addition to the actuator, the technology also can use temperature control device to change the surface temperature of the touch. In touch surface, for example, add a layer of diamond material can provide extremely high thermal conductivity, strong ability to resist wear and optical transparency.

Of course, the patent technology in a short period of time may not be used in actual product, but we do know how to apple is going to innovate in touch feedback technology.